The Twitch Extensions Dev Challenge

For the first time, Twitch Extensions can respond to in-game events through Overwolf. Whether you'd like to develop an extension where viewers predict streamer results to earn rewards or
real-time in-game analytics - your creativity is the only limit.

Join the challenge to win $15,000 and join us at TwitchCon Dev Day!

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Development Guidelines

In order to unlock new functions and develop a new extension using in-game data, you should submit your extension proposal for your favorite supported game by August 1st. Once approved, you will receive access to the Twitch Game Event app on Overwolf, which you will need to use in order to build your awesome new extension.

Game Events SDK

The Overwolf Game Events SDK opens up new in-game functions for extensions development and enables you to create the coolest new extensions. Here are a couple of examples of some of the events available for integration in League of Legends:

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So what are you waiting for?

Games supported for this challenge

1st Place

+ The winner's extension will be showcased on the main stage at TwitchCon Developer Day


+ G512 Keyboard, G903 mouse, PowerPlay Charging Pad, G533 Headset, G560 Gaming Speakers

2nd Place


+ Promotion of your Twitch extension

+ G512 Keyboard, G703 mouse, G840 Mousepad, G533 Headset

3rd Place


+ Promotion of your Twitch extension

+ G613 Keyboard, G603 Mouse, G640 Mousepad, PRO Headset

Sponsored by Logitech G, leading provider of gaming peripherals

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  1. Death detection
  2. Ultimate ability detection
  3. Kills detection
  4. Start and end of a match
  5. Spells detection

About Overwolf

Overwolf's mission is improving competitive gaming experiences for gamers worldwide through useful, effective in-game apps and tools. Overwolf allows players to easily select, install and use hundreds of applications and tools improving player communications, user interface, and most importantly - straight up competitive performance. The Overwolf client enables devs and publishers to easily develop new functionality for existing games using C++, HTML, and JS. 

Working with developers, Overwolf enables new game features and overlays which 'should have always been there' to be implemented effectively and swiftly, bringing new value to millions of players. Overwolf's partners include OP.GG, NVIDIA, Cloud9, Team Liquid, CLG, Riot Games, Logitech and many others. For more information, visit Overwolf.

More real-time events can be found here.

1. How about an extension that helps you pick the best builds and items based on how the game is going?

2. One that gives viewers the power to force their streamer to jump the plane in a battle royale game?

3. Perhaps an extension that enables predicting streamer results and delivers donations to their channel on the condition they meet the viewer challenge?

If it links streams to in-game kills, deaths and other events - you can now develop it. Don't hold back!

To get you started, we have gathered extension ideas from our community:

1st Place

Allow your viewers to vote whether certain in-game events occur or not, e.g. vote YES or NO if you win the next game, finish in the top 10 & a lot more! 

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2nd Place

Create Clips for in-game events during your stream and presents them together with Clips created by you or your viewers

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3rd Place

The Unknown Meta Twitch Extension connects directly with your current game sessions in PUBG and shows your viewers the match session so far 

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