Upgrade Splitgate with Overwolf

The new arena shooter is now compatible with Overwolf! Starting this Saturday (12/22), you can achieve more than ever before in Splitgate: Arena Warfare with Overwolf Apps. Start now by activating automatic highlight captures using our Game Summary

About Overwolf

Overwolf's mission is adding value to every gamer in every game. We do this through improving competitive gaming experiences for gamers worldwide with useful, effective in-game apps and tools. Overwolf allows players to easily select, install and use hundreds of applications and tools improving player communications, user interface, and most importantly - straight up competitive performance. The Overwolf client enables devs and publishers to easily develop new functionality for existing games using C++, HTML, and JS

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Splitgate Moments

Splitgate is an intense arena shooter that requires players to fundamentally change the way they play a traditional FPS by strategically using portals. But with our Game Summary app, you won’t miss a beat. Get your highlights automatically captured and share them as soon as the match is over. Time to share your glory moments with friends or on social media, straight from the Game Summary!

Developers? Create apps for Splitgate! 

A real-time game-events API is now available for everyone through the Overwolf SDK. Create apps leveraging real-time stats, providing training or guidance, stream interfaces and more. More exciting updates to the SDK are coming soon and the teams at 1047 Games and Overwolf are here to support you in your work. Check the API documentation here