Developers Challenge 

Create the very best Overwolf app for PUBG and get a chance to win $15,000 as well as PUBG swag, Logitech gear, and an Intel NUC!

Overwolf and PUBG present  

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The Prizes

PUBG + Overwolf =

The PUBG API offers a ton of asynchronous, post-game information:

What can you create?

1st Place

+ Logitech Gaming Gear (Keyboard, Mouse, Headset)
+ Promotion of your app by PUBG and Overwolf
+ PUBG swag


2nd Place


+ Logitech Gaming Gear (Keyboard, Mouse, Headset)
+ Promotion of your app by PUBG and Overwolf
+ PUBG swag

3rd Place


+ Logitech Gaming Gear (Keyboard, Mouse, Headset)
+ Promotion of your app by PUBG and Overwolf
+ PUBG swag

Gaming gear prizes provided by Logitech G & Intel

About Overwolf

Our mission is to make gaming experiences more awesome. We do that by empowering creators to build useful PC game apps that help gamers play smarter and have more fun. Overwolf has recently launched an investment fund with Intel, dedicated to helping developers and creators build apps and mods. If you’re looking to make a living from your passion, Apply now!

The Overwolf client enables devs and publishers to easily develop new functionality for existing games using C++, HTML and JS. Overwolf's partners include 
OP.GG, NVIDIA, Cloud9, Team Liquid, CLG, Riot Games, Logitech and many others. For more information, visit Overwolf

Cool apps people are building on Overwolf:

Create the Overwolf App you dreamt up for PUBG while adhering to the PUBG policy for 3rd party apps. Build a great PUBG app with us to win thousands of dollars in prizes!

Every accepted app submission gets an exclusive challenge hoodie!

Meet others and share your ideas on our          Discord server

Exclusive Challenge Hoodie

High-end NUC for the best implementation of second-screen features

Best Second Screen App Award

Analytics & Stats

Twitch Extensions

Second Screen Functionality

Coaching & Reports

Replays & Highlights

Your Brilliant Idea

  • Lifetime and season stats

  • Movements of all the players during the match 

  • Weapon accuracy and damage statistics

  • And much more…

The Overwolf API offers synchronous, real-time APIs, and allows you to easily build an overlay desktop app:

  • Real-time APIs (kills, knockouts, death, damage, and more…)

  • Desktop app + overlay capabilities 

  • No FPS or performance hit 

  • Second screen functionality

  • Interface with live streams 

  • Ability to make money with ads 

PUBG and
Overwolf =     


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1st Place

View top-down PUBG 2D replays of any match, without the radius limit of the in-game replays. Learn from mistakes and share your moments!

Download The App

2nd Place

The app is tracking data from each match so you can recap how
you've been with a detailed report overlay experience.

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3rd Place

Get a live match leaderboard! If you have a secondary monitor, get
these stats on your second screen while you play.

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