FREE Loot for Your Triple-Kill.
Brought by G FUEL Energy Formula. 

The Overwolf Achievement Rewards program is a real treat for gamers. Getting gifts for playing? umm yeah sign me up! This month, our partner G FUEL energy formula will hook you up with Free loot when you make a Triple-Kill and up* and share your win video if you are in the US. Every share wins! Sweeeet.


G FUEL is challenging you to score a triple-kill and giving away free loot! 

Every day, the first 150 to complete the challenge get a free G FUEL 3-pack delivered to their home! The rest get 30% off their next online store purchase.

Install Overwolf. You're now included  in our Achievements Rewards program. 

Play LoL. Score a Triple kill, Quadra kill or a Penta kill.

Share your killer video to unlock the reward at the Game Summary.


G FUEL Energy Formula, a healthy alternative to canned energy drinks, is a product of Gamma Labs. The rapidly growing maker and marketer of energy beverages helps give their fans the energy, focus, and reaction time they need to enhance their lifestyle.  Whether it’s through gaming, sports, entertainment, or any of life’s everyday challenges, G FUEL helps its fans do what they do, just a little bit better.    

Overwolf is based in Tel-Aviv Israel with offices in Seattle and focused on enhancing the gaming experience with rich in-game apps. The company’s first product, software overlay client called the “Overwolf Client”, allows users and game publishers to add apps, which are rich layers of functionality, to any game, without touching a line of game code. Overwolf’s apps allow players to communicate, easily share game experiences with friends and get instant access to web resources from within the game. It also allows developers to create overlay apps for their favorite games, and publish them on the Overwolf Appstore, reaching millions of gamers worldwide. Overwolf has millions of enthusiastic players worldwide, playing more than 700 PC games. Overwolf partners include eSport teams such as Cloud 9, Team Liquid and CLG as well as gaming industry leaders such as Riot Games, Nvidia and Logitech G. For more information, please visit http://www.overwolf.com/. 


The sound of sweet victory, the greasy touch of your keyboard, oh how you love the taste of blood. Fuel up with an energy formula made with health in mind. Better focus, faster reactions and more up time . Free this month for the Triple-Killers.

Oh how we love
the taste of a kill...

Download Overwolf to accept the challenge!

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US only, Terms apply*

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US only, Terms apply*