The Ultimate App for Dota 2

DotaPlus gives you the edge at the draft stage. Ban, pick and counter to gain a real advantage at the battlefield.


Getting real-time players info is easy and free.

Download the DotaPlus app from the Overwolf store.

Start a match normally - DotaPlus will pop once stats are ready.


DotaPlus is a realtime stats app & drafting companion for Dota 2. It basically integrates into your game and shows you stats about all of the players, their hero picks, parties and more.

Overwolf is based in Tel-Aviv Israel with offices in Seattle and focused on enhancing the gaming experience with rich in-game apps. The company’s first product, software overlay client called the “Overwolf Client”, allows users and game publishers to add apps, which are rich layers of functionality, to any game, without touching a line of game code. Overwolf’s apps allow players to communicate, easily share game experiences with friends and get instant access to web resources from within the game. It also allows developers to create overlay apps for their favorite games, and publish them on the Overwolf Appstore, reaching millions of gamers worldwide. Overwolf has millions of enthusiastic players worldwide, playing more than 700 PC games. Overwolf partners include eSport teams such as Cloud 9, Team Liquid and CLG as well as gaming industry leaders such as Riot Games, Nvidia and Logitech G. For more information, please visit http://www.overwolf.com/.


Hit the hotkey (default is Alt + `) to show/hide the app during gametime.

Armed with real-time, automatic player and hero stats, ban suggestions and a matchups calculator, DotaPlus let's you gain the most out of every decision at the draft stage.

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