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Overwolf's coins app lets you earn coins that you can then use for in game purchases, simply by watching videos. We call it Wolfcoins, cause you have to try really hard not to become a goldaholic when using it :)


Earn coins for watching videos. Coins are the Overwolf currency which you can use in any supported game.

Download the Wolfcoins app from the Overwolf appstore.

Watch any interactive video ad content during load time or while gaming and start earning free coins.

Create an account with Wolfcoins by entering your email address. Don't worry, we won't spam you.

Use your coins at any time, in any of the supported games below.


Wolfcoins is an app that allows gamers to get in-game currency for watching video ads. Wolfcoins app is published at the Overwolf store exclusively . 

Overwolf is a software platform for PC gamers, deigned to seamlessly integrate apps to any game. Overwolf apps will either help you improve your gameplay, multi task or just have more fun! Used by millions of players, and trusted by gaming industry leaders such as Riot Games, Tobii gaming and Logitech G – Overwolf is becoming a must-have tool for every PC gamer.

Supported games:

Watch interactive ad content. Get free coins. It's that simple. Overwolf has a powerful network of gamers, eSport pro players and influencers who are all enjoying the epic apps our developer network creates. Our advertising customers are very specific in what they want. And they want YOU. 

Get Free Game Coins

Launch Wolfcoins app from your Overwolf dock station.

Windows only. Limited to US only.
Windows only. Limited to US only.
Windows only. Limited to US only.